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The Nepal and Tibet Philatelic Study Circle is holding its Mail Sale #72, which closes on October 12, 2013. Over 500 lots of stamps, postal history, and related material from Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, and Mountaineering-Exploration areas are offered. Please contact Leo Martyn for membership information.
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A. Nepal Classic Stamps
AT. Nepal Classic Stamps Telegraph Period
B1. Nepal Pashupati stamps: 1907 issue
B2. Nepal Pashupati Stamps: 1930 issue
B3. Nepal Pashupati Stamps: 1935 issue
B4. Nepal Pashupati Stamps: 1941 issue
B5. Nepal Pashupait Stamps: mixed issues
C. Nepal Modern Stamps
D. Nepal Postal History: Pre-post office
E. Nepal Postal History: Classic Period
F1.Nepal Postal History:1907 Pashupati
F2. Nepal Postal History: 1930 Pashupati
F3. Nepal Postal History: 1935 Pashupati
F4. Nepal Postal History: 1941 Pashupati
F5. Nepal Postal History: Pashupati/Modern
G. Nepal Postal History: Modern Period
H. Nepal: British/Indian Post Office
I. Nepal Postal Stationery: Mint
J. Nepal Postal Stationery: Used
K. Nepal Telephone/Revenues
L. Nepal Documents
M. Nepal/Tibet Cross Border Postal History
N. Tibet Stamps
O. Tibet Postal History
P. Tibet miscellaneous
Q. Bhutan
R. Everest/Exploration/Mountaineering
S. Literature

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